Haul More in a Ford Super Duty

If you expect a lot from your truck, we recommend the Ford Super Duty at Town and Country Ford. Routinely, its towing capabilities impress visitors to our welcoming lot in Evansville, IN.

The Ford Super Duty gives you the ability to tow more than probably any pickup you have driven. Its conventional towing capacity is the best in its class. Ford achieves this capability by giving the Super a fully boxed frame that deploys steel in 95% of its components. It also rides on a beefy axle, suspension, and drivetrain.

Importantly, this steel-rich construction also combines with the Ford Super Duty's engine to provide the most gooseneck towing capacity in the model's class. This is handy if you like to haul heavy-duty work equipment or livestock in a trailer. Go to a horse show. You'll see the Super Duty thoroughly represented in the parking lot. Clearly, a Ford Super Duty lets you transport yourself and everything you might need to bring with you.

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