Take Control with the Ford Mustang Active Exhaust System

Here at Town and Country Ford, we understand the need for you to be placed in control of the car you buy to make sure it meets your exacting needs. When you are driving in Evansville, IN or heading further afield, you will want to enjoy your driving experience when you have taken the time to invest in the iconic design of the Ford Mustang.

No matter which engine you choose for your Mustang, you can take control of your exhaust system with the latest technology from Ford, the active exhaust audio system. This new feature allows you to choose how loud your exhaust will be including the sports mode that gives you the ultimate Mustang experience with the loudest exhaust audio heard. For most of you, the consistent roar of the normal mode will be enjoyed but there are times when a loud exhaust is not appropriate and you can enjoy the quiet start mode at these moments.

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