The Rugged Appearance of The Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger is a truck that has been on the road for several years. The design has come a long way with new features that give it a modern appearance from the headlights to the tailgate.

When you're looking at the front of the Ranger, you'll notice that it has been designed to deliver a rugged appearance while you're driving on the road in Evansville, IN. The headlights are a bit larger and have rounded edges along with the taillights on the truck. You can view some of the package options at Town and Country Ford so that you get the exterior design you like.

The interior has been redesigned as well to offer the most comfort for passengers. Several new tools have been added to the interior, such as Park Assist and multiple ports for charging electronic devices. The Tailgate Lift Assist makes it easier to open the gate of the truck when you have items in your hands so that you don't have to put anything down.

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