Ford Fusion Hybrid Design Features

Leading in eco-friendliness throughout Evansville, IN and the rest of the nation, the Ford Fusion Hybrid is a sleek 2019 favorites that seat five and boasts 43 MPG city. The hybrid engine, electric motor, and anti-lock braking system can be tracked with engage and empower modes to ensure you get the best mileage and power.

The Ford Fusion Hybrid boasts many great exterior features, such as automatic high beams for a variety of road conditions. For those that need a fuel recharge for an added boost, the capless fuel filler ensures you don’t get your hands dirty. Simply slide the fuel nozzle in, fill up, and watch it shut tight on its own afterward.

Our pro team at Town & Country Ford loves the energy-saving performance of the Ford Fusion Hybrid, and we are happy to introduce you to its benefits. Come down for a test drive whenever you have the time. Or call for more information on what’s so special about the Hybrid.

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