Attract Attention Driving the 2019 Ford Edge

Ford's 2019 edition of the Edge is designed to grab attention with a bold exterior style and interior design. When you opt for the full appearance packages of the Titanium Elite trim, you'll notice the impressed looks you get from the sleek roof, aerodynamic sculpting, and assertive profile.

The Edge will also impress with its performance on the road. The 2.7L V6 EcoBoost engine pumps out a heady 335 horsepower and 380 foot-pounds of torque. This powers an eight-speed transmission and all-wheel drive powertrain.

The luxury of the Edge's interior is another selling point for this year model. Leather covers both the steering wheel and the Ford Edge's comfortable bucket seats. The rotary e-shifter frees up space compared to traditional shifters that are used for a cupholder and charging station. It also makes it easier to access the infotainment center and environmental controls on the dash.

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