Ford EcoSport: An Attractive Eco Option

The Ford EcoSport pushes the limits of economy in a capable sport utility vehicle. The EcoSport combines technology with creative design to produce a capable and compact sport utility that gets upwards of 30 mpg.

As attractive as the fuel economy is for the EcoSport, the most appealing feature is the unique design. Ford managed to take one of the smallest SUVs on the market and give it a menacing and sporty stance. The headlights and grille sport the swept angles and lines familiar to Ford loyalists. The roofline and styling of the beltline and c-pillars are clearly borrowed from the Ford Escape. However, the compact size of the EcoSport is reminiscent of the revered Focus sport hatchbacks.

From any perspective, the Ford EcoSport is a sharp and exciting compact SUV that will satisfy a wide variety of tastes. Stop by Town & Country Ford in Evansville, IN and let the friendly staff show you every angle of the cool new EcoSport.

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