2018 Ford Focus Design Features

Compact cars have been wowing car buyer with their incredible design features as of late. Just like the saying goes, good things tend to come in the smallest packages. That is why our experienced team of professionals here at Town & Country Ford of Evansville, IN is so excited about the brand new 2018 Ford Focus.

Certain options of the Focus were designed to include LED lighting for headlights. This means not only brighter lights but also more efficient lights that will last far longer than more traditional options. There are also more than a dozen color options for the Ford Focus which means finding the right design to match your style and personality will be easier than ever.

If you would like to test drive or even inspect a new 2018 Ford Focus to see these features for yourself, then feel free to visit Town & Country Ford located in Evansville, IN to speak with a friendly sales associate today!

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