Wow a Crowd with a Ford Super Duty Truck

In order to wow a crowd with a vehicle, you'll have to operate a product that's equipped with many practical, highly efficient performance features. The Ford Super Duty can help you impress passengers as it has multiple tools that provide advantages on the road and throughout strategic work situations.

When people enter a Ford Super Duty cabin, they're protected by various safety technologies. As this truck travels on busy highways, its Blind Spot Information System provides assistance in a unique way. This tool detects nearby cars and oncoming traffic because it's designed with Cross-Traffic Alert, which is a useful collision prevention feature by Ford.

During towing and hauling situations, the Ford Super Duty doesn't disappoint since it has a tactical trailer reverse guidance system and convenient trailer tow hardware. As you pull cargo with a Super Duty, you can work more strategically by taking advantage of SYNC 3 in the cabin.

The Ford Super Duty truck is available for a test drive at Town & Country Ford. If you want to cruise through Evansville in this automobile, visit our dealership today.

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