Technology Features You'll Appreciate in the New Ford Fusion Energi

This years' Ford Fusion Energi is a plug-in hybrid packed with safety features that make it more popular than ever.

When you have the Ford Fusion Energi out on the highway and want to shift lanes, the Blind Spot Information System uses a radar behind your vehicle to search for other vehicles in the blind spots. If yes, alerts flash on your corresponding side mirror so you don't move into the lane on that side of the car.

The Ford Fusion Energi can even keep you safe when you are backing out your driveway or a tight parking space. Shift into reverse, the center console screen on the dash now becomes your camera lens, allowing you to easily see everything behind your vehicle.

Test drive the new Ford Fusion Energi when you get over to Town & Country Ford because this is the best way to see the features up close in action.

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