V-Groove Tires Can Keep Hydroplaning at Bay

Hydroplaning is a dangerous traffic hazard that can strike any vehicle. Hydroplaning takes place during wet weather conditions or on damp roadways. In damp conditions, vehicle tires can begin to glide over thin layers of water. This gliding action can rob drivers of vehicular control, with unfortunate results.

To keep this danger at bay, tire makers offer special V-Groove tires. This tire design includes special lug and sipe patterns that channel and pump water away from tires during rainy weather. This pumping action can considerably reduce the risk of hydroplaning.

While anti-hydroplaning tires can make your vehicle more stable, your driving skills can also help you during damp road conditions. When you drive in the rain, always strive to keep your speed well under posted limits. A good rule of thumb is to keep your speed under 25-miles per hour during heavy downpours.

In addition, you should have your tires inspected for damage at least seasonally. Here at Town & Country Ford in the Evansville area, our certified suspension system technicians can give your tires clean bills of health. For a quick and no-obligation conversation with our experts, come to our service center today.


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