Learn the Differences Between Compact and Full-Size Spare Tires

When automotive engineers design donuts, they use compact templates so that the tire frame is smaller than a traditional spare tire. On the road, a donut's compact design scheme provides different results, which is why a driver must implement unique driving procedures after this kind of tire is mounted on a vehicle. The sleek rubber material on a donut is built for limited travel situations, so a driver can't reach certain speeds safely on this tire.

In order to reach various destinations without worrying about speed or mileage restrictions after your car has a flat tire, you'll need a traditional spare tire. Full spare tires are specifically built for large SUVs and trucks. When these wheels are engineered, unique supplies are used to give each tire increased stability. The process of traveling on a full size tire after replacing a damaged wheel is easy since full tire products are made with practical measurements by engineers at reputable tire factories.

If you want a donut or full size spare tire for a car, visit Town & Country Ford in Evansville, IN. We offer commercial-grade tire options that are built for the road conditions throughout our town and beyond.

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