Keep Your Cargo Cozy With Multi-link Suspension Technology

If you carry valuable cargo in your vehicle, then you know about the pain that hitting a big, deep pothole can cause. Thankfully, an effective suspension system can turn the effects of those big bumps into smaller ones. The suspension system in question is called a multi-link suspension system, and it is ideal for minimizing potential damaging road-based vibrations throughout Evansville, Indiana and beyond.

Multi-link suspensions provide each wheel with extra freedom of movement, allowing them each to essentially do their own thing. While this might sound chaotic at first, this system actually minimizes vibrations and maximizes road contact, both of which are good for you and your vehicle.

If you're interested in hearing more about the benefits that multi-link suspensions can provide, orif you need a quick and thorough inspection of your current system with any replacement work done, drop by the Town & Country Ford service station today.

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