2019 Ford Taurus: The Full-size Car that Thinks It's a Roadster

We at Town & Country Ford have often seen Ford focus more on luxury and affordability when it comes to full-size cars in previous years, they've revamped the 2019 Taurus and given it a number of sporty features.

A six-speed SelectShift automatic transmission is now standard on all of the various Taurus models. It allows you to override conventional automatic operation and take control over gear selection without dealing with all of the hassles of a traditional stick shift.

Drivers who really want the most performance out of their vehicles can opt for a 365HP 3.6L EcoBoost V6 engine. Those who just want to be sure they can handle the roads in Evansville, IN when the weather gets back should be more than happy with the intelligent all-wheel drive sensors that can take the guesswork out of handling wet pavement and anything else mother nature throws at drivers.

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