Acquire a Used Car and Make the Most of Your Money

Buying a car can be a stressful process. The good news is that it doesn't have to be. When you find the right place to buy your vehicle, the correct car, truck or SUV and a great salesperson to help you acquire the vehicle, the whole process can be stress-free. At Town & Country Ford located in Evansville, our goal is to make the process stress free for you. We want to put you in the right vehicle.

Did you know that you can purchase a used car and get all the major benefits of buying a car without being…
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Have Your Battery Checked and Replaced Before It Dies On You

?The battery, along with the starter and alternator, has to do with your vehicle's starting charging system. The battery also provides power to the accessories, and headlight, taillights and blinkers when your car isn't running.

You should take your vehicle to Town & Country Ford to have your battery checked if you are having trouble with your car cranking more slowly than usual. One of the things that can cause your battery to lose charge is vibration from being unsecured. Another thing that can affect your battery's charge is a buildup of corrosive elements on the battery terminals…
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Pay attention to your warning indicator lights

Here at Town & Country Ford we know how pesky warning indicator lights can be. No one ever wants to deal with them, or acknowledge that their vehicle may need some work. When you see your warning indicator lights come on, however, you can rest easy knowing our team will always provide fair, quick and affordable service.


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Whatever warning indicator light comes on in your vehicle, you can count on us to get to the bottom of the issue in no ti

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The 2017 Ford Escape: A Family Car That's Great With Cat Seats

It takes a lot to be a great family car. To be sure, you need big things like size, safety, and reliability. It's not just the big things, though. You need to hit the little things, as well.

Case in point, car seat compatibility is a detail that many cars don't do all that well for. They can do it, but it's clear that the designers could have done better with a little bit of work. The 2017 Ford Escape earned an A-rating from by doing that work.

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SUV Versatility is Attracting Drivers in Evansville

In recent years, SUVs have been growing in prominence in roads all over America. Americans love SUVs so much, in fact, that once they start driving them, many don't want to stop. A recently released analysis of consumer data has revealed that SUV loyalty is higher now than it's ever been. When shopping for new cars, 66 percent of SUV drivers opted to buy new SUVs. No other vehicle type can boast that level of devotion.

Looking at the SUV options currently on the market, it's easy to see why this body style resonates with so many…

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The 2017 Ford Focus Leaves Its Rivals in the Rearview

Finding the right compact car for your needs is easy when you choose to shop with us here at Town & Country Ford but, of course, we know savvy car-buyers like you need more convincing than that. So, to prove the superiority of the 2017 Ford Focus compact sedan, the American automaker has compared it against a main competitor: the Hyundai Elantra. Offering active park assist technologies as well as an NHTSA rating of 5-Stars overall - two things the Elantra doesn't offer - you may find that the Focus is your perfect vehicle.


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2017 Ford Fusion is One Homerun Family Hauler

Are you seeking a daily driver that can truly do it all? Well, if so, we here at Town & Country Ford think you might like to have a good, long look at our midsize sedan, the 2017 Fusion.

Why's that, though?

Allow Managing Editor Jodi Lai to elucidate; her critique of the Fusion can be found in the clip below:

The standard equipment roster of the Fusion's mid-level model, the Titanium, is sure to make it a popular pick.

Such amenities include a peppy, 240-horsepower turbo four-cylinder engine, 18-inch wheels, upgraded taillamps, a rear spoiler, ambient…

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Might you be in the market for a hot hatchback? Well, if so, we here at Town & Country Ford think you may well meet your match in ours, the 2017 Focus RS.

And what, exactly, makes us say that?

Check the clip below to find out. Here now with more on all things Focus RS is Road Test Editor Dan Ilika:

Just below this speedster's snout, a turbocharged 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine holds court with a six-speed manual transmission. Joining with a standard all-wheel-drive system, overall output for the Focus RS checks in at a colossal 350…

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Simple items to keep you safe on the roadside

The next time you go for a drive you could very well find yourself on the side of the road. Having a good emergency roadside kit can make all of the difference in the world as far as your safety an well being goes. It's easy to put one of these kits together, and here are a few items you can pack away for a rainy day.
  • Tire sealant
  • Road/terrain map
  • Fire extinguisher
Tire sealant will help you get to your closest mechanic in the event of a flat. You can pick some of this up at just…
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